This thief paces through the hallway,waiting for the glimpse of the opening of the door,it is carrying a sword dripping of blood it has slithered many .It moves as swiftly as lightning gliding on puddles of blood and piles of dead souls, in your mind it’s where it settles ,entering through the doors(ears) it is simply cold ,taking full control over your life as it suffocates you with thousand voices in your head its mission is to steal your joy ,kill your kindness ,destroy your dreams and create a beast within you ,it is your enemy .here is what it will say ,your are not good enough, weakness is your friend , failure is your sister and you are not worthy. It never sleeps nor slumber therefore it has never missed an opportunity to slither through people’s dreams and joy ,but it is scared of one thing FAITH ,it trembles for real .and FAITH is the only thing that pleases our father in heaven GOD!!!

Ephesians 6:17-18 but if you can I suggest that you start from 10-18😉👌

Put on salvation as your helmet ,and the sword of life the spirit which is the word of God!!!❤❤❤

God loves you and stay blessed if you have any questions or prayer requests  write me on my email address oxygezengana@gmail.com


Tick ….tick…tick…the gong of my beating heart ,perplexed as I’m ready to take on my journey, blurred lines of my vision as I manoeuvre through the jungle, war in my mind Don’t GO!!! Purging the evil thoughts, there’s death taking part inside of me now,fixing my binoculars ,I see the door ,gates of heaven slowly opening in awe of welcoming me ,tick…tick…tick the rhythm has changed ,my hourglass is cracking 1 ,2  and 3  reaching for the door nob it’s not locked anyways ,explosion behind me I’m safe for I have already entered!!!

Salvation is the only thing that brings us closer to god don’t waste, because you don’t know what tomorrow has for you and I but if you run to him now you are surely safe ,there will be war inside of you before you make that decision but rember that you are more than a conquere through him who strengthens you and I he’s been waiting on you all along


John 1: 12-13

God loves and have a blessed and beautiful day ❤❤❤❤❤😘